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Blogs n Web Sites
Highlights my creative skills: graphics, photography, blogging and writing, ad copy creation, etc

Video Creations and Editing
Highlights my video content creations and editing, getting thousands of views through organic traffic and video ranking highlights my video SEO (search engine optimization) and video marketing skills.

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More Web Sites
Highlights my web designing skills: HTML coding, site maintainance, ad copy creation, graphics, photography manipulation, online advertising and marketing including Pay-Per-Click (PPC), etc

TropicalFEEL.com Site www.TropicalFEEL.com
An online store selling different type of products with tropical theme. This store previously used an ecommerce cart, but due to current budget, changed to Paypal Payment buttons.
travel site Travel Site
Comprehensive online travel directory of a county in California.
CB Site Travel Site
Comprehensive travel resource
REAL ESTATE site www.AmadorCountyINFO.com/RealEstate
Real Estate property listings in northern California specializing in For-Sale-By-Owner listings. Due to recent domain name changed, most menu links in this site are currently not working.
JDMOKA.com Photos www.JDMOKA.com/Photography
Showcasing Jazevox photography.
JDMOka.com Site www.JDMOKA.com (this site)
Online personal portfolio of Jazevox showcasing my/her photography, creative works like graphics, web designing, and more.
Online Shopping Store Online Shopping Site
An online store selling different type of products with specialty in ladies fashion clothes and accessories, home and garden. This domain name is currently forward to TropicalFeel eBay Store, seller JazeVox.

Below are sample web page layouts that I designed in the past. Kindly click any image above to enlarge view.
Web Site 1 Web Site 2 Web Site 3 Web Site 4

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